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We are supplying services to the food industries. Providing first of all Management for the Dairy Industries and the supply of skilled staff required for installation and maintaining this business.

We work closely with leading European experts and producers in order for us to always offer you the newest know-how and research within the area, as well as a competitive price.

Our staff is highly educated in the fields of: Automation, Electrical Engineering, Dairy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, and Service Management.


In addition, some of our staff also has working experience in the oil and gas sector.




SDT work out from our base in Thailand, together with our European partners where we always strive to use that combined extensive knowledges and experience gained in in The Middle East and Europe




SDT participates in a close and open dialogue with our customers, to ensure that all the necessary information and considerations are taken into consideration before the project is carried out. This has always ensured the best possible result for the customer.

We are most often next to you, right from you have got the idea, and until the final calculations, specifications and material lists are ready.

We help avoid critical and costly surprises. Both when it comes to timetables and the financial consequences.

Projects solutions



SDT contributes continuously to innovative and flexible partnerships, where we focus on the customer's individual requirements and needs as the focal point.

A good and useful result that it ready when the customer needs it and not least that the solution fits the budget. 


SDT is your preferred solution provide when it comes to industrial challenges. We advise on and solve problems present in any type of industrial application –

we always incorporate thoughts on optimization and reduction of usage of utilities.

Take this opportunity and get in dialogue with SDT

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