Siam Dairy Tech Supply Ltd.

Siam Dairy Tech Supply Ltd. (SDTS) is a modern Thai technical company with activity in the field of the dairy industry. The company is staffed by experienced engineers and has contributed significantly to the designing and construction of many industrial plants.


The company has undertaken and executed a number of projects. The company is fully specialized in dairy industries, as well as in juices and soft drinks industries.


The industrial automation staff of the company performs control and supervision projects of the production procedures (SCADA), as well as of the energy consumptions, so it participates in other industrial sectors beside the food industry.


The company is chaired by Phian Yubonphan, which is also the main shareholder of the company and is CEO and CFO.


Hans Würtz is the Managing Director and has an extensive technical and managirial background. He has for many years been working in the Middle East for varies companies, like APV Saudi Arabia, SPX Dubai, NADA Dairy Saudi Arabia, Danish Jordanian Dairy, Benghazi Dairy Libya and for APV in Denmark.​