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Cold Pasteurisation

Cold Pasteurization System, is a modular non-thermal pasteurisation system that is developed to treat any product, it is especially gentle and will therefore do no harm to even the most light sensitive products. The has been developed with the purpose of replacing conventional thermal pasteurisation by applying UV-light to process liquids simply and energy efficiently. With the system it is possible to treat any non-see through liquid, e.g. milk. Specialized targeted light filters ensure that only the unwanted microorganisms are inactivated, when the liquid pass through the system, meaning that your product gets the gentlest treatment possible. This non-thermal UV-treatment assures that proteins and vitamins are being preserved.


  • >90% reduction in energy consumption

  • >90% faster processing time

  • >20% higher uptime

  • >80% less cleaning

  • Preserves product quality

  • No steam, ice-water or regenerative water needed

  • Significantly smaller footprint

  • Significantly less service and maintenance

  • Plug n’ play – Easy to install

Applicable for:

All thermization processes: Whey, brine, tap water, process water, non-food liquids and more.


Does this pique your interest? If so, the manufacturers can now offer to do an onsite test at your facility with our pilot scale unit and let you test any assortment of liquids. This way you will be able to see the performance of our systems on your product. You will then also be able to do inhouse tests and see the results for yourself.

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